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Cybersecurity is a professional journal with a broad coverage of computer security topics. It provides useful, insightful, and innovative cybersecurity articles for researchers, managers and engineers. The journal focuses on the intersections between applied research and industry practices, particularly in the emerging relationships between cyber science and technology capabilities. Journal of Cybersecurity welcomes all original article submissions, including industry case studies and applications. 


Research 24 Oct, 2018
Promoting Skill and Discipline Diversity in Cybersecurity Advocacy
Julie M. Haney and Wayne G. Lutters
Received: 14 May 2018  Accepted: 28 September 2018  Published: 24 October 2018

Research 24 Oct, 2018
Usability and Security Factors in Mobile Financial Services and Their Impact on End-User Trust
Stephen Ambore, Edward Apeh and Huseyin Dogan 
Received: 15 May 2018  Accepted: 28 September 2018  Published: 24 October 2018 Under Review: 28 Nov 2018

Research 24 Oct, 2018
Information security in critical transport systems: Case studies and lessons learned
Alessandro Cantelli-Forti and Michele Colajanni
Received: 17 May 2018  Accepted: 29 September 2018  Published: 24 October 2018
Subject Coverage

·         Cybersecurity Applications and Technologies

·         Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data

·         Cyber Crime

·         Cybersecurity Education

·         Cyber Incident Response

·         Cyber Safety and Human Factors

·         Information Assurance

·         Information Privacy

·         Legal Aspects of Cybersecurity

·         Secure Networks and Critical Infrastructure

·         Security Economics
General Submission Guidelines
All papers are peer-reviewed and are typically 6 to 8 pages. Authors should assume a broad audience. Articles should be no more than 4,800 words, including a 120-150 word abstract, figures and tables, and 3 bullet-point highlights of your paper. Articles should have no more than 16 references. Submitted papers should neither have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. To submit a paper, please follow the “Author Guidelines” below.

To suggest a special issue, email your proposal to the editor or contact one of our associates. 

Submission and enquiries: 

Contact Editor:

Editorial Board

Zoe Wong, Florida Memorial University, USA

Senior Editor
Aniello Castiglione, University of Salerno, Italy

Associate Editor
Andrea Tundis, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Editorial Board:
Yu Cai, Michigan Technological University
Yinghui Zhang, Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications
Deepak K. Tosh, Norfolk State University
Sergiy Gnatyuk, National Aviation University
Mona-Lisa Pinkney, NIKE
Eric Berkowitz, Roosevelt University
Mohd. Afshar Alam, Jamia Hamdard University
Donald F. Norris, UMBC, University of Maryland

General Submission Guidelines
Author Guidelines
Please follow these submission guidelines:
1.	Title page
•	Title of the paper
•	Authors: name, position, department, name of institution, email address and full postal address
•	Biographical notes: 120-150 words per author
2.	Main article
•	Title: as short as possible without abbreviations or acronyms
•	Abstract: 120-150 words
•	3 bullet-point highlights of your paper
•	Keywords: maximum of 12 words
•	References: Harvard citation style and maximum of 16 references 
•	Format: Word document 
•	Please ensure that authors’ names and acknowledgements are not included in the article

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